Accept Bitcoin Payments

inapay is a mobile app which lets you accept payments in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies in your business. It's easy to use and doesn't need any tech-knowledge: just enter the outstanding amount in your local currency, the customer sends Bitcoin, the Bitcoins get instantly exchanged to Swiss Francs and sent to your bank account.


inapay is simple and yet powerful. Simple so everyone can use it. Powerful so it can be adapted to your needs.

Easy to use

No fees

Safe & secure

No chargebacks possible

Instant conversion to Swiss Franc or Euro

Money arrives the next day on your bank account


inapay lets you receive cryptocurrencies in three different ways


Integration in your invoice


About us

inacta is an independent Swiss IT consulting firm based in Zug. Almost 70 experienced digitization experts support organisations from the insurance, banking, real estate, and healthcare sectors.

For almost two years now, the experts at inacta have been supporting start-ups and established companies with consulting, training and software development services. As an early adopter, inacta understands not only the technology but also how and where Blockchain is usefully used.

Frequently asked questions

If you having difficulties setting up inapay you can get in touch with us for enterprise support at

Where do I get inapay?

inapay is currently only available as a white label version. For a white label version please get in touch with us at

We plan to make inapay available in the appstore at a later stage.

Can you add my favorit cryptocurrency?

Currently we don't plan to add any new cryptocurrencies to inapay.

If you are interested to get your custom version of inapay contact us at